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Stockbox Photo® celebrates it's 15th anniversary.

Over the years that we have been developing our software, there have been huge changes in the photo industry and although there have been some difficult transitions; there have also been a wealth of new opportunities, our company being one of them.

Stockbox Photo® Gallery Software provides a powerful solution for photographers to sell their work online. Designed with the specific features and functions that photographers need to create their own stock photo library; while hosting it on their own website. The do-it-yourself approach allows photographers much greater control over their business and does not incur the high transaction fees that hosted sales providers take on every sale. Also, for those photogs that submit to agencies and are accustomed to the agency taking 80% of the sale, having their own sales and marketing platform can provide huge gains, particularly in the longer term. The traffic that they can build to their site has inherent value and this is completely lost if they are not self-hosting. The look and feel of our software is extremely customizable and has a number of features built-in to provide excellent Search Engine Optimization.

Looking back, it gives us great pride to see how the software has been used by photographers and artists around the world to promote and sell their work online. We are looking forward to tcontinued success in the years to come.