Websites for Photogrpahers Stockbox Photo Gallery Software provides an affordable solution for photographers, artists and artisans to display and sell their work online. Create your own stock photo library or online proofing system and stop paying commissions to third party providers. Our cross platform, server side software puts you back in control of your business. Our software combines PHP and MySQL to produce an inherently fast and highly scalable solution.
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Stockbox Photo® Gallery Software Feature Comparison


Pro Version

HTML5 responsive design optimized for mobile devices - [ NEW ]  
Color search - [ NEW ]  
Blog feature - [ NEW ]  
Google maps geotag feature - [ NEW ]  
Stockbox Community search feature - [ NEW ]  
Facebook comments feature - [ IMPROVED ]  
Hi-res import & auto generate for video downloads - [ IMPROVED ]  
Hi-res import & auto generate for image downloads - [ IMPROVED ]  
Lightroom® plug-in (beta) - [ IMPROVED ]  
Display thumbnails of related media on the assigned media detail page - [ IMPROVED ]  
Media files can be archived based on the date specified or selected media files  
Generate PDF files from media categories and lightboxes  
Affiliate sales module  
Media properties import feature  
Media properties export feature  
Frontline print fulfillment provider support  
Bay Photo print fulfillment provider support  
FTP syndication feature  
Download original files and invoice PDF from order manager  
Order delivery via FTP  
Portfolio feature  
News feature  
Banner slideshow on gallery homepage  
Link banner slideshow images to specific URLs  
Image sitemap export feature  
Online users & visitor logs  
Media & category stats feature  
Create orders from a user's lightbox  
Guest checkout option for unregistered users  
Most popular media section on gallery home page  
New additions section on the gallery home page  
Virtual CD feature - sell sets of images via download or delivery  
Search within a search feature  
VIP Customer feature - allow pre-approved customers to checkout without paying  
Request a media quote feature  
Request a lightbox quote feature  
Create new orders for your customers  
Multiple language selector feature allows users to change their site language  
Blacklisted IP management feature - block specific IP Addresses from accessing your gallery  
Order Invoice notification to your mobile phone  
Product Options (Frames) feature - allow customers to buy frames or other product options  
Product Packages feature - sell sets of products  
Product Subscriptions feature - including duration and credit subscriptions  
Set maximum # of downloads per /day /week /month /year or unlimited for duration subscriptions  
POP3 Media feature - upload images from your mobile phone or via email  
Media Utilities feature - admin can edit their media files (crop, re-size, brightness, contrast etc.)  
Assign download links for Rights Managed media  
Credit system - customers can purchase media using credits instead of money  
Black & White status for search  
Media Release status (Model and Property) for search  
Upload model and property release files to be included with the customer's order download  
Media types specified for search (Images, Video or add your own)  
Media Orientation status automatically detected (Horizontal, Vertical, Panorama and Square)  
"Partial text searching" option for advanced search  
Sell RF and RM (pricing calculator) licenses for the same media  
RM license pricing calculator adjustment feature  
RM license pricing calculator import feature  
Rights managed license pricing calculator  
Multi-photographer (contributor) manager - [ IMPROVED ]  
Multi-lightbox manager  
Remote storage of media download files  
Hide categories from photographers  
Photographer registration profile export feature  
Photographer sales report export feature  
Photographer listing feature - allow users to view all images from a photographer  
CSV export of sales reports  
DMLAsearch integration - [ NEW ]
Newsletter manager feature - [ NEW ]
Sign-up/Login using Facebook  - [ NEW ]
Maintenance mode - [ IMPROVED ]
Keyword cloud
Generate download files dynamically at the time of download
Generate display clips and thumbnail images from video uploads
Watermark video display clips
Infinite thumbnail scrolling (no pagination)
Lightbox bar at bottom of the page for easy viewing of lightbox contents
Auto fill category and thumbnail columns based on browser size
Use different media and media detail templates for different media file types
Display media thumbnails as a background image to create a unique consistent look
Users can select from sort order options to control the media display order
Select from pre loaded skins
Import EXIF metadata
Option to redirect users to specific URL after login
RSS feed feature
Zoomify™ feature
Random category listing option for category listing function
Option to display download image size & dimensions
Reference ID field for media properties
Auto pricing for new media
Keyword synonyms feature
Appended keyword feature
Instant keyword suggestion feature
Predefined keyword search feature
CMS module to add static content pages
Create dynamic dropdown navigation menus
IPTC metadata for media "alt" tag feature
Apply notes to orders in the order manager
Stockbox SEO - Search Engine Friendly URL's and dynamic meta tag generation
Category listings in expandable/collapsible tree menu
Global pricing for multiple selected media
Admin can set  a base price and credit cost for all product types
Global product type price update
Product type discount pricing feature
Auto Detection "Add All" feature for previously auto detected categories
Admin can add shipping details (carrier, tracking number etc.)
Customer can view shipping Info entered by the admin
Zone Shipping
Download sample media  (comp. images) feature
Download sample file history management
Add to cart button in end-user lightbox
Lightbox comments box
Media Preview Window when users mouse over thumbnails
Assign the same media to multiple categories from one physical media file
Support for XMP IPTC metadata format
Changeable category and media status (Public - Hidden)
Customer registration profile export feature
Welcome email for new customer registrations
Keyword search logs display searched keywords and frequency
Keyword search logs by individual user
Advanced search for keywords by AND, OR, PHRASE and by category
Administrative groups to restrict administrative privileges
Batch upload  media using the web admin interface
Password protected private categories (galleries)
Invoice feature which allows admin or end-users to print out invoices
Add IPTC metadata to images or to a category of images
Import IPTC metadata to create hyperlinked keyword searches
Option to display IPTC data on the thumbs page, floating IPTC allows customization of table layout
Hyperlinked keywords - allows keyword searches with one click
Assign different gallery templates to individual categories
Generate and print customizable sales reports on the fly
Admin generated promotion (discount) codes for fixed amounts or percentages
Time limited promotion codes (auto-expiry)
Specify the number of times a promotion code can be used
Create shipping promotions
Offer promotions on specific categories of media
Offer promotions to specific sub-categories of media
Offer promotions on specific users
Offer bonus promotion when users share the website during checkout
Send invoice to customer and admin upon order completion
Apply shipping by product - to allow for larger or heavier products
Option requiring users to login before viewing the media detail page
Gallery navigation dropdown menu
"Share Link" function on the gallery thumbnail & media detail pages
"Get Link" function on the gallery thumbnail & media detail pages
Security code verification on contact form
Security code verification on customer registration form
Option to set specific gallery page as the home page
"Hidden" status option for media
Collect shipping info
Expiring download links
Admin can choose currency symbol position (prefix or suffix)
Change product price decimal separator (comma or decimal point)
Utilizing AJAX technologies
Changeable product type status (Public - Hidden)
Sales Tax and VAT Tax systems
Unlimited levels of categories and sub-categories of images
Offline Payment Method - Capture user payment details for offline processing
Gateway Processing Info for Processed Orders
Supports PayPal, 2Checkout, VeriSign Payflow Link, Skipjack,  Sage Pay with Form, WorldPay, Westpac, PayGate, Paystation, Przelewy, Webstream, Secure Hosting, Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy, ePDQ, Moneybookers, Robokassa, cajAstur, Netbanx, Systempay and Webteh payment gateways
Supports Authorize.Net, PayPal Pro, Beanstream, Concord, Echo, Sage Pay with Direct, ANZ - eGate, WTC PayEx, Payment Express, eProcessing, Chase Paymentech, Linkpoint, Moneris, eWay and Hipay payment gateways
Stale date new media display
Admin can view the contents of user’s lightbox
Admin can view the contents of user’s shopping cart
Smarty template engine - even greater customization flexibility
Highly customizable by editing html templates and CSS
All site text and images can be edited or replaced
End-users can select the number of images displayed per page
Auto resize new images
Resize all display images to same width or height
"Send media to a Friend" or send an entire lightbox
"Send to a Friend" logs
"Send Lightbox" logs
bcc email to admin on "Send to a Friend" feature
Sendmail or SMTP mail options
Global pricing - set standard pricing across an entire category or all categories
Apply shipping by product - to allow for larger or heavier products
Flat rate shipping - set a fixed charge regardless of items ordered
Individual shipping - set for individual items and additional items
Batch upload images via FTP - upload entire categories of images
Browser based admin - monitor your gallery with ease
Auto watermark new images
Text and logo watermarking - add to an entire category
Auto thumbnail generation - generate any size thumbnail
Image slideshow feature for a category or lightbox contents
Assign instant download links to an entire category of media
Enable instant download links for a specific order after purchase
Unlimited product types can be created
Instant digital downloads - fully automatic if enabled
Display multi-media content - images, audio, video, text etc...
HTML format option for sending email
Compose email form for specific customers
Email customer feature - send an email to all registered users
Lightbox (favorites) feature includes a slideshow
Lost password recovery feature
License Agreement checkbox on shopping cart at checkout Option
License Agreement checkbox on user registration
Minimum number of characters for usernames
Minimum number of characters for passwords
Dynamic registration system - user profile updates
Dynamic shipping form to add or edit data collection fields
Email notification with order shipping details
Shopping cart feature - add items to cart for future purchase
Tax customers by single or multiple taxable regions
Set min./max. number of search keyword characters
"Partial text searching" option
Category dropdown selection on the quick search form
Search by keyword or quick jump to a category

The information on this page is provided as a guide and in the case of errors or omissions, the current release
versions will determine the actual feature list offered for the respective software versions.

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